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The Office provides information and support to enroll in Schools and Universities in Italy. It issues Declarations of Value of degrees obtained in this consular jurisdiction, which includes the States of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma.

A complete list of Scuole Elementari, Medie e dei Licei Italiani statali e non statali is available in the website of the Ministry of Education of University and Research Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca (

For information on the recognition of foreign qualifications in Italy, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation by clicking here.

For a detailed presentation of the forms of recognition of foreign qualifications currently in force, please refer to the website of the Information Center on Mobility and Academic Equivalences - CIMEA.


Recognition of Italian Degrees and Professional qualifications in the United States

In order to study or work in the US with an Italian degree or professional qualification, it is necessary to obtain a credential evaluation from a recognized American Evaluation Service Agency (for example, the World Education Services in New York).

More detailed information on studying in the United States can be found on the United States Department of Education - Network for Education Information (USNEI)’s website.

We recommend contacting the pertinent US Embassy or Consulate in Italy.

If you’re interested in applying to an American University, It will be useful to contact the university directly.

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  • For a list of American Universities, click here.
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  • To explore the American Colleges database of National Center for Education Statistics, click here.