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AIRE - General Registry


AIRE - General Registry


Pursuant to Law no. 470/1988 Italian citizens who move their residence (or have always lived) abroad for more than 12 months must register at the Italian Consulate competent for the place of residence within 90 days from their arrival. Besides being an obligation by law, the registration is necessary in order to obtain any consular service.

Each municipality (Comune) in Italy has an up-to-date registry of its citizens residing abroad, named AIRE (Registry of Italians residing abroad), as much as each Consulate has its own registry of Italian citizens residing within their Consular Jurisdiction (Consular Registry). The Consulate will notify the municipality of reference or last residence in Italy that you have established your residence in its jurisdiction. The municipality will then proceed to your registration in its registry of Italians living abroad (AIRE).

The Consulate carries out for nationals residing abroad many of the activities that the Comune carries out for citizens of its metropolitan area.


Through the internet portal Fast It (Farnesina online services for Italian citizens abroad):


First of all it is necessary to create and activate an account on the portal, following the instructions provided on the portal. The AIRE enrollment request can be sent accessing the portal again and selecting the option “Anagrafe Consolare e Aire” from the menu bar.

The Fast it portal, allows You to upload only 3 files. Therefore, it is advisable that the documents are grouped in the three files and uploaded as suggested below:

1) scheda di rilevazione anagrafica (that is the registration form)available on the portal

2) Copy of Italian passport, (pages with name, picture, issuance date, expiration date, place of residence and page with past extensions), if available legal residence permit with a minimum of twelve months validity, or Permanent Resident Card or “US Employment Authorization Card” with a minimum of twelve months validity, passport of other nationality, if held;

3) A proof of residence (State Driver’s License or ID, lease agreement, utility bills) proving the current residence address. If You provide utility bills and lease agreement please, attach the page with personal data and residence address only.

If You wish to request enrollment for other family members, please, tick off the box “Si richiede l’iscrizione all’AIRE del Coniuge/Parte di Unione Civile/Convivente di fatto e dei figli minori che vivono nella stessa abitazione” (Registration of the spouse/partner and minor
children living in the same household is hereby requested), so that the enrollment form will include a dedicated line for the spouse’s signature.

You will be requested to upload the documents requested as per bullets 2) e 3) creating a single multipage file (PDF or word)inclusive ofthe applicant’s and his/her family members passport /visa /resident card (bullet 2) and a proof of residence for the Italian spouse (bullet3) No proof of residence is requested for children under the age of 18 .

American citizens who acquired citizenship through naturalization are requested to upload a copy of their US naturalization certificate along with the documents in bullet 2).



· Request forms that are illegible, without signature and lacking any of the requested documents will not be accepted. The Registry Office (Anagrafe) will notify of the need to integrate with any missing document.

· Tourist Visa B1-B2 does not allow toestablish residence in the Us nor provides authorization for work and therefore is not accepted for AIRE enrollment.

· Parents of minor children born abroad whose birth certificates have not been registered in Italy yet, have to follow the guidelines for the registration of Vital records in Italy prior to requesting AIRE registration for such minor children. Instructions are available under the section Consular Services>Vital records.



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