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Renounce the Italian Citizenship


Renounce the Italian Citizenship

Renounce the Italian Citizenship

The requirements to renounce the Italian citizenship are the following:

- you must have another citizenship and proof of it;

- you must be already registered with our Consulate.

Please email the Citizenship Office in order to proceed

Required documents:

• copy of the birth certificate issued by the Italian Municipality where you are registered
• valid Italian passport (if applicable)
• proof of another citizenship (i.e. valid non Italian passport; Naturalization certificate if you were not born in US, etc.)
• valid driver’s license
• proof of wire transfer payment of 250 Euros made to:

2) International Bank Account Number (IBAN): IT54D0760103200000000809020
3) Beneficiary Address: PIAZZA DEL VIMINALE 1 – 00184 ROMA RM – ITALY
4) Information for the Beneficiary: (your name and last name) - rinuncia cittadinanza
5) Beneficiary Bank RTN or SWIFT: BPPIITRR.
6) Beneficiary Bank Name: POSTE ITALIANE SPA.
7) Beneficiary Bank Address: TRIGORIA, VIA A. GIUFFRE’ 156 – ROMA,  ITALY