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Referendum Costituzionale 2016



Referendum Costituzionale 2016


By Decree of the President of the Republic dated September 27, 2016, published in the Official Gazette no. 227 of September 28, 2016 campaign rallies are summoned on Sunday, December 4, 2016 for a CONFIRMATORY REFERENDUM concerning the following referendum question: “Approvate il testo della legge costituzionale concernente disposizioni per il superamento del bicameralismo paritario, la riduzione del numero dei parlamentari, il contenimento dei costi di funzionamento delle istituzioni, la soppressione del CNEL e la revisione del titolo V della parte II della Costituzione” approvato dal Parlamento e pubblicato nella Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 88 del 15 aprile 2016”

Voters living abroad and registered with AIRE

Voters residing abroad and registered with AIRE (Register of Italians living abroad) will receive, as usual, the electoral package at their home address. If the voter does not receive this package, he/she can always request a duplicate to the Consular Office of the voter’s jurisdiction. Please note that it is the duty of a citizen to inform the competent CONSULAR OFFICE of changes of his/her residential address.

Voters who are registered with AIRE and plan to vote in Italy must send to the CONSULAR OFFICE that has jurisdiction according to their residence (Embassy or Consulate) a statement (see sample) on plain paper that sets forth: first and last name, date and place of birth, place of residence, Italian municipality where they are registered as Italians living abroad, and the election for which the elector intends to exercise the option of voting in Italy.

The voter must date and sign the statement and attach a photocopy of his/her valid identity document (ID). Statement and ID copy can be sent by mail, fax, e-mail (certified or not certified), or hand-delivered to the CONSULAR OFFICE, also by an individual other than the voter, no later than October 8th, which is also the deadline for revoking said statement.

Options for sending statements to vote in Italy to the Consular Office in Houston

The statement on the option to vote in Italy of voters registered with AIRE and resident in the consular district of the Consulate (Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma) shall be submitted to the Consular Office within the aforementioned deadline (October 8th) as follows:

- By mail addressed to: the Consulate General of Italy in Houston, Attn: Election Department, 1300 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 660, Houston, TX 77056;

- By email to: or to the PEC (certified) email address: ;

- By fax to: +1 (713) 850 9113;

- By hand-delivery: during business hours (9 am to 12:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday).

Voters temporarily abroad.

Voters who for reasons of work, study, or medical care are temporarily residing abroad for a period of at least three months which includes the date of the referendum, as well as family members who live in the same residence, will be able to register to vote by mail with the Italian Consular Offices (law 459 of 27 December 2001, paragraph 1 of art. 4 bis), receiving the voting papers at their temporary address abroad.

To participate in the vote abroad, voters who qualify shall - by the October 8th deadline – mail said statement option TO THEIR
MUNICIPALITY in Italy (the municipality where they are registered as voters). Voters who took this option can revoke it by the October 8th deadline. Please note that this option is valid only for the vote it is referred to (in this case, for the Referendum of December 4, 2016).

The option (sample available here) can be sent by mail, fax, e-mail (certified or not certified), or be hand-delivered to the Municipality also by an individual other than the voter (see the web site for the certified email addresses of Italian

The declaration of option, written on plain paper, with attached a copy of a valid ID of the voter, must include the foreign residency mailing address where the ballot papers should be sent, the Consular Office that has jurisdiction on that territory, and a statement certifying that the voter meets the requirements for admission to voting by mail (meaning that the voter is temporarily - for reasons of work, study or medical care – residing in a foreign country where the voter is not a registered resident, for a period of at least three months which includes the date of the referendum; or, that the voter is a family member sharing the same residence of a citizen in the
situation described above).

The statement must be written in accordance with Articles 46 and 47 of the Decree of the President of the Republic of December 28, 2000, n. 445 (consolidating the legislative and regulatory provisions on administrative documentation), and with awareness of the criminal consequences of misrepresentation (art. 76 of the above-mentioned Presidential Decree 445/2000).