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Economic diplomacy

The Economic, Commercial and Scientific Affairs Office of the Italian Embassy in Washington

The office coordinates all economic analysis and promotion and trade defense activities in the United States, with the aim of increasing trade, investment flows and technological cooperation between the two countries.

The scientific sector is integrated into the activities of the Office, with particular attention to the translational opportunities that arise between research and industrial and commercial applications.

The space sector also falls within the competence of the Office due to its traditional technological and scientific value, but also due to its growing economic dimension.

The promotion strategy is implemented thanks to continuous coordination with the consular network, the ICE network, the Bank of Italy, the National Tourism Agency (ENIT), the Ministries of Defence, the Economy and Finance and the Made in Italy, University and Research, Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests, Infrastructure and Transport, Environment and Energy Security, Tourism and Health, the Department for Digital Transformation, the Italian Space Agency, the Italian top management present at the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Inter-American Development Bank, maintaining a continuous and constructive exchange with the Italian companies present in the area, or interested in penetrating the US market, with trade associations and with research centres.

Contacts of the Economic, Commercial and Scientific Affairs Office
The Italian network in the USA: consular network; network of the ICE Agency; ENIT-National Tourism Agency; Italian-American Chambers of Commerce.