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MIRABILIS | MIraculous RAnge of Beauty ILlustrations In Science – Images Contest

MIRABILIS, is an images contest, organized by the Consulate General of Italy in Houston, open to Italian researchers or those researchers who have worked in Italy for a long time, present in its jurisdiction (AR, LA, OK, TX).

The contest will be structured in two phases with two dedicated Calls: one for researchers (the owners of the images) and one for the High Schools within the jurisdiction of the Consulate (who will vote and choose the best images, according to the procedures that will be specified in a second dedicated Call).

The award ceremony for the top three images will be public, in Houston, at the end of October 2023.

The most significant images, selected by the High School Institutions, will be printed and displayed at the award ceremony.

On the occasion of the award ceremony, the researcher whose image is classified in first place will present its content/results in a seminar.



  • To promote the contribution of Italian research in the Consulate area through the beauty and art of images.
  • Strengthen and deepen networks with communication, dissemination and artistic impact methodologies.
  • Disseminate science information on the territory about Italian research activities in synergy with the USA.
  • Increase awareness, even among those who do not work in the research sector, of the quality of the training provided by Italian Universities, of the professional value of Italian research and its highly qualified integration into the Consular fabric and in the USA. Interest US High School students in familiarizing themselves with Italian frontier science and technology and within the framework of the Italy-USA cooperation.


For any technical inquiry regarding the MIRABILIS web platform, please contact the webmaster: 

while for any scientific inquiry on the MIRABILIS Program, please contact: 

Call n.2 

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