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For new registrations, which documents must be uploaded to Fast It?

The compatriot who must register with the A.I.R.E. must upload the following documents to the FAST IT portal:

  1. Request form. The form is generated by the portal after entering the data. It must be printed, signed and scanned, and then uploaded to the portal.
  2. Identity documents. The following documentation must be entered in a single scan:
    Italian passport. In case of family members living together, also add the passports of the family members. In the case of minor children, the passports of both parents must be entered. If you do not have an Italian passport, attach proof of Italian citizenship and, if in possession of dual citizenship, the foreign passport.
    Valid legal title of residence in the United States, if any. Visa, US Work Authorization Card or Permanent Resident Card issued/renewed after August 15, 1992 are accepted. Those who also hold US citizenship must load their US passport and, if citizenship was acquired after birth, the naturalization certificate.
  3. Proof of residence in this consular district bearing the same address stated on the application form. We accept:
    utility bill (electricity, gas, telephone, internet, or TV; please attach only the page with personal data and residence address);
    bank account statement (please attach only the page with personal data and residential address);
    copy of the rental contract (only the page showing the current address and name of the applicant).
    US ID Card;
    valid US driving licence, bearing the same address indicated by the compatriot in the application form. The documentation must be received all together, the lack of even one document will result in the refusal of the request.

Documents must be in PDF format and each file must have a maximum size of 1 MB.