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Who must update their personal data?

The compatriots enrolled in the A.I.R.E. at the Consulate General in Houston they can update their personal details directly on the Fast It portal.

The interested party must promptly communicate:

  • the transfer of one’s residence or home abroad;
  • changes in civil status, also for the possible transcription in Italy of foreign documents (marriage, birth, divorce, death, etc.);
  • the loss of Italian citizenship.

Change of address in the same consular district.

The request must be made through the Fast It portal, uploading the declaration of change of address/transfer/repatriation, a copy of one’s passport and the passports of family members and proof of residence relating to the new address.

Failure to update the information, in particular that concerning the change of address, makes it impossible to contact the citizen and to receive the electoral packet in the event of voting.

It is important that the compatriot communicates his address correctly and completely in compliance with the postal regulations of the country of residence.

Definitive return to Italy.

Citizens registered in the A.I.R.E. returning definitively to Italy will have to go to the Italian Municipality where they have decided to settle in order to declare their new residence address. On the same date, the Municipality will proceed with the cancellation from the A.I.R.E. with simultaneous registration in A.P.R. (Resident Population Registry).

It will be the responsibility of the Municipality to officially communicate the effective date of the repatriation to the Consulate of origin, which will record the repatriation in its consular files.

Cancellation from the A.I.R.E.

The cancellation from the A.I.R.E. happens:

  • by enrollment in the Resident Population Registry (A.P.R.) of an Italian Municipality following a transfer from abroad or repatriation;
  • by death, including judicially declared presumed death;
  • due to presumed unavailability, unless proven otherwise, after one hundred years from the birth or after two successive surveys have been carried out, or when the foreign address previously communicated is no longer valid and it is not possible to acquire the new one;
  • for loss of Italian citizenship.