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Stato Civile

Civil status concerns the set of facts or fundamental manifestations of will inherent in the life of every citizen: birth, marriage, civil union, death and divorce. The registration of these facts falls within the competence of the Civil Status Officer, whose functions are exercised in Italy by the Municipalities and abroad by the consular offices.

For general information on marital status from the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, click here.

For information regarding the registration of documents of this consular jurisdiction (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas) visit the following links:

Italian citizens residing in the district of the Consulate General in good standing with AIRE registration can submit documents for civil status events that occurred in any US State or other Country, provided they are prepared correctly according to the rules valid in the State/Country of issue of the document. For this information, visit the website of the Consulate of origin.

Italian citizens registered with AIRE in other consular districts or residing in Italy can present here only the documents relating to events that took place in the area under the jurisdiction of this Consulate.

Italian citizens residing in Italy and temporarily in this consular district can choose whether to entrust the Consulate with sending the documents to their Municipalities of residence or whether to present them personally at the municipal offices (possibility provided for by Presidential Decree 396/2000 art. 12, paragraph 11) . Anyone interested in this last option, in addition to preparing the original documents as indicated in the specific sections of this site, must also submit an integral and correct translation of the deed to be transcribed, which will be authenticated by this Consulate General by making an appointment to be agreed with this civil status office.

Documents from other countries
Documents in English from other countries
Given that the original document will have to be legalized according to the rules of the country in which it was issued, the translation can be performed by translators authorized in the countries of origin or by one of the translators on the list published on our site.

Documents in languages other than English from other countries
The translations must be performed by translators authorized in the countries of origin and legalized according to the legislation in force in those countries. Therefore they must be provided either with an Apostille or with a stamp of conformity from the territorially competent Italian diplomatic-consular representation. For information on obtaining the Apostille or on the procedure for obtaining the list of authorized translators and subsequently the stamp of conformity, contact the competent Italian Embassies and Consulates directly.

The presentation of civil status certificates (births, marriages, civil unions, deaths) or other foreign documents to be registered in Italy (divorce sentences and name change) must be done exclusively through the Prenot@mi portal.

Minor children of Italian citizens are automatically registered in AIRE as Italian citizens by the Civil Status office upon registration of the birth certificate. Interested parents must continue browsing here and NOT consult the Citizenship section of the site, which only concerns adults.